Susanne de Munck Mortier

Your sensitivity mentor, pioneer, visionary and humanitarian advocate in the specialized area of high sensitivity

My name is Susanne de Munck Mortier and I was born in the Netherlands in 1974.

I strongly feel that there is a long line of children with high sensitivity “pushing” me from behind my back to spread awareness about high sensitivity internationally.

About 18 years ago I followed a lecture in a church about a subject that was close to high sensitivity. From that evening on I “knew” I wanted to educate people in this field of sensitivity, after some research I came in contact with the concept of high sensitivity and for me it was crystal clear….”I am going to teach about high sensitivity”. At that time, I was still attending the teachers’ academy and already I strongly felt that awareness and another approach for children with high sensitivity is needed in an centuries-old view in education, being a person with high sensitivity myself I “feel” what would help highly sensitive children in education.

Meanwhile I gained a lot of experience in all kind of different forms of primary education, special education, voluntary work, guiding of highly sensitive people, professionals individually and in group form. But I needed solid answers and therefore left education. For several years (besides the teacher academy of four years) I followed at least 22 different courses and forms of training. Even the tax company could not believe I drove 23,000 km per year just for courses and training to follow my mission in life.

When my children had a difficult time in school due to a non sensitive pedagogical climate we went to Italy during the summer. The difference of having no school and walking at/on Italian soil was remarkable. Remembering that I said: “I wish every child could experience this once, this would be so good for a lot of children. Pure rest, no pressure, no stimuly and simplicity”.

Even though you can achieve every degree that you can get, in my opinion being a person with high sensitivity, being a mother or father of children with high sensitivity, a teacher with high sensitivity or a professional with high sensitivity is the crown of understanding high sensitivity in life and definitely not the “prove” of a diploma!

As a human being I “know” that I am here on earth to make connections between knowledge about high sensitivity and people and vice versa. In particular, to give a different look/view at the overall image of people with high sensitivity. Many are recognized with high sensitivity, but many also have a misplaced punch and therefore walk a different path than was intended for them.

That notion touched me so much, that in august 2015 I moved from the Netherlands to central Italy out of a “strong knowing” that I had to go to Italy first to start with International Hsp Center and HspVillage. Meanwhile the International Hsp Center also has a second location in the Netherlands, awarded by the same church I followed the lecture 18 years ago. Which I am very grateful for and still gives me goosebumps.

Before I planted many seeds over the years to gather in knowledge, contacts and wonderful experiences and these seeds could grow at their own pace (exactly like people with high sensitivity). Some experiences I could already harvest, after that I could collect them and now I know it’s time to divide my harvest. This is done in the International Hsp Center and in the “HspVillage” activities through guidance, education, the Hsp world map, articles, meet ups and video.

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