What do Oprah, Clint Eastwood, Alanis Morissette, Elaine Aron and many more A- level artists have in common?  Exactly, they had the opportunity to work with this American producer. Will is part of the Emmy award- winning production and content development company Global Touch Group based in New York and Asia. Award- winning hybrid transmedia producer/director specializing in entertainment programming.

Will Harper creates original entertainment and educational programming as well as design and produce media campaigns for brands looking to grow their market share by creating original high quality digital content and mixing in brand messaging. He also creates a style and a look for the brand and ideas which customize a specific message to a specific person in a specific moment through effective story- building that magnifies the essence of the brand. He produced and directed many masterpieces together with Diana Sinelnikova. Sensitive- the Untold Story was created together with Diana Sinelnikova and Elaine Aron. Sensitive and in Love- the first and only feature film about HSPs, and most recently – a documentary Sensitive Lovers: a deeper look into their relationships followed soon after.

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