What is High Sensitivity?

A person with high sensitivity is more than average sensitive to impressions and incentives. These signals and all details on all these impressions are more extensively processed than the average person. What others find normal about crowds (maybe not when you are an extroverted person with high sensitivity) or loud music for a person with high sensitivity is soon “too much”. We get over stimulated by literally an excess of (strong) incentives. It is a genetic trait, which will appear at the same way with men and women.

About 15-20 percent (1 in 5) of the world’s population has the trait of high sensitivity. It concerns most of all the processing in the brain at a much deeper level; it might feel like you have no filter to decide what comes in. Overthinking, from many different angles again and again. You want to analyse if something is really safe or “feels” good. It has been demonstrated scientifically that there is a special area classified differently in the brain in people with high sensitivity than in people without the sensitive trait.

In today’s society, there are many pitfalls for people with high sensitivity. Through these pitfalls one can’t often fully use their talents and cannot be even recognized. Acceptance of the highly sensitive trait is an essential key for the happiness of a people with high sensitivity. Through less ignorance and more knowledge, recognition, awareness and acceptance of this theme there can be so many personal lives, careers, school careers, relationships turned around.

Many highly sensitive people wonder what is wrong with them. They tend to adjust themselves, too many people pleasing behaviour and their talented trait tend to be suppressed or ignored. Instead of seeing it as a gift and a talent! That is why it is important to learn how to ground, learn to set boundaries, empower their inner strength and to find the right balance between activity and rest.

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