One out of every 5 people are born highly sensitive and that is why it is important to shine our light on this scientifically proven, neutral, innate temperament trait. It’s also good to know that actually 50 percent of them are boys, so it is time to actively spread more awareness. This is an inclusive experience for our teens, men, women… who are curious to explore the inner world of highly sensitive men. Maybe your partner or spouse, son or brother is highly sensitive, and we want to support our loved ones and enjoy seeing them thrive in life.

I guess that you desire to understand them better, recognize their needs, or want to connect to them in a deeper way. We want to support and encourage you in this unique journey of high sensitivity.
We discuss dating, masculinity, emotional intelligence, overwhelm, perceiving the world, transformations, relationships, potential and so much more.

Each day you can watch different episodes of a 7 video series, and then jump into the Experience afterwards and ask questions to the summit participants or just observe and enjoy the conversations.

Let’s celebrate and support our highly sensitive men in the world.
Join us!

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Susanne Dave
David Elaine
Fred Marc John
Michael Martijn Mark
Steve Wil Tracy
William Candace van Bell

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