Deepali Parmar, from India, is a Creative Thought Leader, Artist & Author-Speaker. She identifies with being a torch bearer for all those seeking to live from Authentic Presence in Creative Expression.

Deepali is moving into her 50th year and celebrating the intensely passionate experience of being alive. A single mother on a journey of open-learning without school, she feels every challenge and tragedy helped shape her clarity, self-expression and courage to be true to the value that deeply resonated with her.

She serves the tribe of self-learners and radical unschoolers in India and creatives, seeking to build a life from authentic creative self-expression, like artists and writers. She lives in Pune with her 12 yo son and an adorable puppy.
She now organises and holds Creative Presence Retreats to share and explore authentic living.

Deepali Parmar, India HSP- Thought Leader, Speaker, Guide.

You can reach her at
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