Sensitive Teens

International online support group for highly sensitive teens.

When I was a teenager, I carried the world on my shoulders, it even showed in my nonverbal language. Besides that, I felt incredibly responsible for the people around me and so I also put their issues in my emotional backpack, of course without any hesitation. At the time I wasn’t aware that I wasn’t ‘present’ in my own physical body and reasoned from the head, but my empathetic heart didn’t agree and that’s why I felt anxious at times and didn’t ‘feed’ myself like I should. For us parents it is a challenge how not to be reactive, because you want your sensitive teenager to maintain their self worth and break the habit of pleasing others. You want your sensitive teen to make good choices for themselves, being able to control the impulsive actions and maintain the right friendships. I only create things that I wish I had back then, or that I needed for myself, for my own children or as a professional. That’s why I felt the need to create 2 International online support groups for highly sensitive teens- age 12- 15 and 16- 19. There will be an English speaking and a Dutch speaking online group.In this way your teen does connect with other teens, worldwide, who prefer online versus live. Being a teenager is already confusing at times and being highly sensitive can raise specific questions that you would like supportive guidance with for your sensitive teen.

Does this sound like your sensitive teenager?

• Your sensitive teenager may feel overwhelmed sometimes.
• Your sensitive teenager may have strict high expectations for themselves.
• Your sensitive teenager may feel a lack of energy.
• Your sensitive teenager may have negative thoughts.
• Your child may have the feeling of not fitting in anywhere and doesn’t know where he/she belongs.
• Your sensitive child might deal with anxiety.
• Your child might feel weird and take themselves out of a group.

In this small online support group for highly sensitive teenagers we will discuss the following questions:

• How can I say NO, without feeling guilty afterwards?
• How can I feel less drained and process outside stimuli?
• How do I set boundaries according to my own beliefs and values?
• How can I stop the emotional roller coaster in my mind?
• How do I communicate what I really want to say without feeling guilty afterwards?
• How do I deal with criticism?
• How can I stand up for myself with confidence?

The results your sensitive teenager will be receiving from this online support group:

• Your sensitive teen learns how to be their own person and stay who they are as an individual.
• Your sensitive teen learns how to stand up for themselves.
• Your sensitive teen learns how to deal with peer pressure.
• Your sensitive teen learns how to fit in without replacing their own identity.
• Your sensitive teen learns that it is okay to be who they are and be comfortable with it.
• Your sensitive teen learns how to manage stress and destress in our society.
• Your sensitive teen learns how to appreciate their emotional intelligence.

It pains me to see that many sensitives teens are incredibly talented but doing everything on their own keeps them in a never-ending cycle lack of thriving.

Number of sessions: 8 in total.

• A 1-hour call with you, the parent, in order to share what is important to know before the start of the online support group.

• A 1-hour private online exploration call with your sensitive teen prior to the online group sessions. I will speak with your child about what he or she would like to get out of this support group and work on for themselves. Also, about what they need to feel safe in the group.

• 6 x 1-hour online small group sessions.

Start: November 5th, 2 x per month at Tuesday evening.
Location: online Zoom call, very easy to download.

Age: 12-15 and 16-19.

After these 6 sessions we evaluate how and if your sensitive teen wants to proceed.
For further information about themes, investment and to sign up you can CLICK HERE
You can also send an email for the Free 30 minute get acquainted call for private coaching for you or your sensitive child.

Who is Susanne?

After teaching in various types of education with different nationalities and ages, Susanne began guiding highly sensitives and empaths who are stuck in a certain phase of their life or in education. First working with children, then also with teenagers, and parents and later still also with teachers and professional organisations. She knew she had to expand the awareness of high sensitivity. Following her deepest calling moved from the Netherlands to Italy to spread awareness more widely. Today clients fly into Tuscany to work with her in Italy, the Netherlands with many more choosing to connect online using Skype or Zoom. Susanne guides people internationally, speaks to parents and teachers about high sensitivity and trains her students on how to guide their sensitive clients in an authentic way. At the moment Susanne is writing a book about Highly sensitive people in Education and is interviewing people from all over the world about the subject of wellbeing for highly sensitives in education.

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