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Join my masterclass for €95 and you will receive a private session of 30 minutes, when you’ve subscribed for the Early Bird bonus and have completed the Master Class. Early Bird ends September 1st.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • As a parent, you are concerned about your highly sensitive child’s wellbeing in school.
  • You might struggle with feeling guilty of not being able to fully support your sensitive child’s needs.
  • Your child is having more physical complaints lately.
  • Your child might wake up even tired and anxious, just because it is a school day.
  • Your child is starting to say depressing things like, “I can’t do this I am dumb”,” school is boring”, why am I here?”.
  • Your child is getting less motivated at times, while in the beginning your child was so eager and enthusiastic to learn.
  • You might be overruled by the reaction and non-verbal language of the school team when you try to explain your child’s highly sensitive needs.
  • You might have the feeling that school is willing, but just doesn’t know how to manage and is not fully aware of high sensitivity.
  • School says that your child can’t focus in class and might even be having a learning disorder.
  • Your gut feeling might say it is not a disorder, rather, your child is highly sensitive.
  • The thought of taking your child out of school might have crossed your mind, but once in a while your child’s teacher does something that is temporarily helping your child. Then you have some ‘hope and relief and start to doubt yourself again.
  • You often feel alone and unsupported and it’s likely you’re exhausted from ‘defending’ your child’s sensitive needs.
  • Sometimes you wonder “How is my child going to survive in this overwhelming world?”
  • You need someone who helps you advocate for your child in school because you might have the feeling that school ‘blames’ you for your child’s struggle, which doesn’t have to be the actual case.

What you want…

  • You just want your child to be seen for who he/she really is and not for who they became in education.
  • You just want to grant your child peace and calm in mind and feel safe in this world. This way they can fall asleep easily and wake up energized and motivated without anxiety about a school day’.
  • You want your child to be seen, heard, understood and appreciated in a learning environment that suits their needs.
  • You want your child to be able to enjoy the beautiful things in life, especially the small things.
  • You want to advocate for your child in a healthier and grounded way..
  • You don’t want to do this alone anymore.
  • You want in depth understanding and a quality support safety net and no more unnecessary stress for your child.

What you get from the master course with Susanne:

  • Explanation about high sensitivity to get more clarity, so you can advocate for your child at school.
  • You will receive tips and advice on how to support your child’s needs in education.
  • Examples about what your child isn’t saying in specific words, but by their behavior.
  • You will learn what obstacles that your child might come across.
  • Being able to share your personal experiences with other parents of highlysensitive children who struggle in education.

What is included in the course?

  • 2,5 hours MasterClass with Susanne.
  • Including a live Q&A
  • Break out rooms in Zoom to share your experience with parent peers.
  • Only for the Early Bird bonus: a 1:1 personal 30 minutes Zoom Q&A chat to follow up on your questions.

Who should take this Master Class?

This course is appropriate for parents, educators, childcare professionals, caregivers, and mental health professionals.


Live with Susanne at Zoom


September 18 at 9:15- 11:45 o’ clock CET Rome, Paris, amsterdam time zone.


2,5 hours, including Q&A, bonus 30 minutes when subscribing on time as an Early Bird.

Time zones: 

9:15- 11:45 am o’ clock CET Rome, Paris, Amsterdam time zone.

Investment in the needs for your sensitive child:

Join my masterclass for €95 and you will receive a private session of 30 minutes, when you’ve subscribed for the Early Bird bonus and have completed the Master Class. Early Bird ends September 1st.

More about Susanne:

First thank you for supporting your sensitive child’s needs.
My name is Susanne de Munck Mortier and I am the founder of the International Hsp Center.
Many years ago my personal career started in education. After receiving my Bachelor of Education I have taught various age groups and types of education, also special education. Later, I started with child and youth coaching. That wasn’t profound enough for me and I wanted also to be able to guide their parents for long lasting results. After achieving that goal I worked with professionals: psychologist, coaches, pedagogist, and, of course, wonderful teachers and principals.
My profound training and life experience has enabled me to develop my own methodology to guide my International client’s from the social, emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual perspective.
As I work on my own legacy, I also lead other sensitive children, teens and adults out of an overwhelming rollercoaster to stay true to themselves. In that way the overthinking comes less. When they have achieved peace and calm in mind, clarity intotheir daily actions and get their energy back (through my unique scan methodology) then I empower them to pursue their ‘big why’ purpose in life.
I help empower them leaving a legacy in others and some want to become sensitive leaders. This creates a ripple effect and makes a difference in the world.
Meanwhile, I am writing my book about highly sensitive children in education, researching this topic for years and interviewing many sensitive people and their parents/ teachers from all over the world. It’s my life’s work!

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