Although Mark has worked with the ‘Grands’ in the industry he would like you to know that he would describe himself as…‘the human being Mark’.

He deeply realizes, all too well, that life is an ongoing self learning ‘original’.
Mark likes to keep his Iife authentic, raw, and simple…which is not as simple as it sounds. As a sensitive husband and father on crocs, he values a ‘down to earth’ pace, whilst simultaneously exploring and appreciating the cosmos in its full glory.

Hundreds have become visible in the world through his unique approach, not by ‘telling’ other people what to do, and meanwhile ‘showing’ them the ‘how’ by ‘walking with the Jeff’ alongside him.

Because he felt different for so long in his own life as a sensitive person, he now also recognizes specific talented ‘quirkyness’ in other people and reverses it into their biggest asset on camera, without bs.

Mark will be sharing a part of his personal journey.

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