Sensitive Adults

Let me guess, this is you…

You are a motivated and sensitive person who struggles with feeling overwhelmed and you feel stuck in the same emotional rollercoaster of over analysing and you’re unable to break the cycle. You struggle with injustice and you might feel rejected by the outside unjust world. That said, you feel disappointed in life and your sensitivity might have gone unnoticed, even at a young age.
You sometimes think “Is this it? Is life really meant to be like this, is this all?” Saying ‘NO’ isn’t an automatic reaction in your limiting patterns and beliefs. You long for more confidence and the word ‘self-worth’ isn’t in your vocabulary. Quite often you have the feeling that words sting, like someone stabbed you, and then you fall into the pattern of self-doubt and perfectionism instead of having self-confidence. You might even procrastinate and have the feeling that you are surviving and keeping your head above water instead of living.
You long for in-depth conversations with like minded people who understand that there is no pause button in your mind which affects your energy level. There is a significant gap between your actions and personal needs. But odd enough you somehow find peace at being comfortable with the uncomfortable.
You often feel guilty and when that feeling builds up, it could set off as something that feels like a panic attack. You’d rather blame yourself for things, even when you know it wasn’t your fault, so that everything stays in peace and harmony. Arguing is uncomfortable to you and when someone says something to you, you need to process heaps of things before being able to reply and that costs you precious energy. You are often worried about the way you talk, move, say things. Then your perfectionism hinders you and you become a shadow in your own life.

What your issues tend to be…

You feel misunderstood and you just want to feel at home and find ‘your place’ in the world. You just don’t ‘understand’ things going on in the current society, politics, media, and your surroundings. Although you feel deeply, in the past you were often gullible and some eople took advantage of your sensitive heart.
You feel or recognize very quickly what is ‘wrong’ in a certain situation, or what the limitations are. In your own life you have trouble with finding inner peace and you focus too much on the path that lies before you. You might be carrying issues from your past with you and can accept that, but often you can not put them in the right place.
You literally just wanted to be “normal” and “average” as a child and in this moment you just want to know who you really are instead of who you have become. At one time, you used to see yourself as you were, and you knew who you really were, instead of who you became. You think about that quite often, from all different perspectives, because you want to focus clearly, you want direction and to know what your limitations are. Some thinking patterns have obstructed you from the impact you could have in life.
When you lie awake in your bed, you run conversations in your head, not just with yourself but with others, and go through scenarios until they are ‘good’… but that almost never works. It might even affect your sleep patterns. Why doesn’t anyone hear or see you for who you really are? You feel rejected by the world and you have been putting off too many important things to you. No more limitations for you. It might have even caused a numbing sensation. You just want to enjoy life and marvel again at things, because you know you have so many things to be grateful for.

What you need most right now…

Your primary focus needs to be on understanding your own sensitive needs, getting to know yourself, and getting to the core issues. Then IMPLEMENT those things in your daily life. At the same time, it is important for you to understand your patterns, because then you can set your healthy boundaries and live a lighter, more energetic and joyful life.
You need someone with expertise helping you work on mental clarity, stop the overthinking, and define your needs clearly. Then you will be able to joyfully move forward in life. Actions are needed to stop the under whelming results.
Then you will value yourself, be less of a perfectionist, and won’t be as hard yourself.
You need to see your Hsp trait as a strong talent instead of suppressing it. You need to stop living according to what ‘society’ expects of you which aren’t useful any more. Rather, live life according to the beliefs that you yourself have developed. You’ve limited yourself because you were first “forced” to, which felt ‘safe’ at the time.
You need to get to know your true self and a have a more positive self- image, that’s the key. Then you can learn how to stop allowing others from crossing over your boundaries. You can learn where you need boundaries and how to apply them. You need to dare to let a thought go and take more control. You need insight into what is yours and what isn’t, then you will be able to leave things there where they belong. Then you won’t live out of fear and know the great impact you can have.
You need to recognize your blind spots, your traps, and learn how to see yourself first. Then and only then other people can also truly see you. If we were really being honest, the feeling of self-doubt are gone (what are you trying to say here?). You need to find a way to ditch the noise in your head, live according to YOUR own life, and then you will sleep better and therefore have more energy during the day. You need an Hsp professional with a broad, in-depth certified qualifications and life experience to lovingly help you with all of the above.

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