Marc Amerigo has an unusual profile, mixing his engineering background and a deep human approach in which his highly sensitivity has taken a key role. He leads extreme projects in industry and in extreme sports to chase and achieve World Records. He loves interdisciplinarity and knows how to create bridges across different fields. His powerful human leadership and his expertise allow to push back the limits with his teams and clients.

Because UltraPerformance has nothing to do with putting more pressure on humans, Marc Amerigo’s deepest belief as Entrepreneur and Extreme Project Leader is that today’s organisations can take a whole new breath, by transforming pure Performance in UltraPerformance through Human Empowerment.

Marc defines “UltraPerformance” as the powerful combination of 3 key dimensions:
– achieving high level technical objectives seen as “unattainable”, with a perception of facility,
– individual and collective fulfilment of all the actors involved in this success, feeling trust, powerful human connection, commitment, pride, pleasure; a real inner transformation and the desire to continue.
– our UNIVERSAL RESPONSIBILITY to continue our existence and our achievements in the respect of oneself, others and our environment.

His know-how is to enable his clients to break their currents glass ceilings step by step.
Based on a strategic and dedicated support of decision-makers, he reaches various international audiences through impactful keynotes and customised transformational seminars to open the doors of UltraPerformance through Human Empowerment.

Expert in innovation and performance in complex environments, Marc Amerigo graduated as a mechanical engineer from the renown French engineering school Centrale Lyon (1991-93), then trained at the University of Maryland, Washington D.C. (1.5 years) and at the EM Lyon Business School (1 year).

With more than 25 years of experience in research and industry in France and abroad, this entrepreneur at heart and passionate manager is attracted by innovation (14 registered patents in automotive, industrial containment, industrial painting cabins or sailing rigs).

Marc Amerigo created and managed several companies, including EngiNova, specialised in Engineering & Innovation from conception through implementation in the following fields:
– In complex industrial environments: like nuclear plants, aeronautics, automotive, shipbuilding, chemical & petrochemical facilities, construction…
– In high speed extreme sports since 1997: several World Records and premieres, holding the current WR of 228kph with Eric Barone on an MTB, and the current WR of 203kph Edmond Plawczyk on a snowboard. Marc participated to several French and international press releases, TV shows and documentaries.

His next 3 years challenge (2020-2022) is to chase the incredible 65.45 (121kph) knots 2012 sailing world speed record by building and leading a worldwide team of top-level experts. He runs the Zephir project with Antoine Albeau, the most rewarded French athlete with his 25x Windsurfing World Champion titles.

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