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This website is for both people with and without the trait of high sensitivity. It is very important that society doesn’t see high sensitivity as a disorder, because according to scientific research it clearly isn’t. It is rather common and about 20% of all people has this sensitive trait.

Simply, how can a trait be a disorder?!

People with high sensitivity are not pathetic and should certainly not be treated as victims or even feel a victim. One in 5 people has this trait, so you are definitely not the only one and are not alone. Nothing needs to be repaired to a person with high sensitivity, because after all it is a trait. Already from an early age we can all positively guide people with high sensitivity with broadening and deepening handles, but I sure do know that being a person with high sensitivity is definitely not always a piece of cake.

I completely understand what it is like being a child with high sensitivity who has physical complaints because of a presentation at school, I know the pain as a mother of a child with high sensitivity who is not understood in education or family, I understand what it is being a teacher with high sensitivity in an educational system that doesn’t really “see” children with high sensitivity and as a professional with high sensitivity I understand the pain of my clients when the world sometimes is too overwhelming. I “feel” you!

People with high sensitivity do not learn in the same way, do not think in the same way, do  not play in the same way and act in a different way in daily life. It is just a bit different, that’s all!

Education, health care, the medical world can still contribute and could help out so much. It is necessary, that there is provided an overall picture about a person with high sensitivity for generations to come.

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With love, Susanne de Munck Mortier



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